Are you a light worker?  Is someone you know a gifted healer, spiritual savior, blossoming bodhisattva or enlightened/inspirational entrepreneur?

How to discover your life purpose in a short afternoon. 99 self discovery prompts for light workers, empaths, healers and enlightened entrepreneurs.

Discover Your Dharma: The Light Workers Guide to Passion, Purpose and Profit

In this short quiz you'll understand and recognize some of the more common signs of being a lightworker, and begin to explore  different types of lightworkers as well.  (and most likely, begin to see how much of your own passion, purpose and personality may be animated by your own light worker tendencies)

The #1 most important questions every LIGHTWORKER needs to ask?

  1. What is my Dharma (my personal role in the evolution of the Universe)  This CHANGES moment by moment (often called a "Rashi") and is always growing, flowing, moving and morphing contingent upon the unique set of circumstances you are living, in EACH very moment.  This is the quintessential mindfulness practice - being completely immersed in the moment, absorbed in the NOW, and living with a sense of purpose, presence and peace.

Empath powers include:

  1. Using your invisible healing potential for good ( this post for a step by step description of how a natural empath spreads love without saying a word)
  2. Many empaths are able to feel the future (another reason why so many psychic professionals, mediums and spiritual teachers are first and foremost called empaths)
  3. You have an incredible ability to stay in the moment, and truly embrace the "now" (empaths often make the best mindfulness/meditation teachers, simply because we naturally feel the world, rather than "think" about it.
  4. An empaths true superpower is our ability to deeply listen, understand and intuit how to help those we love.  More about that, here!

What are Lightworker Symptoms and Signs?

Lightworkers attempt to bring good and healing to the planet. They often notice when conditions are unbalanced and when other people need help. You might see them planting trees on the weekend, helping out at a homeless shelter, or volunteering at animal shelters. If you want to know if you’re a lightworker, look for some of these specific traits.

Lightworkers are Drawn to Others Like Them

Light workers do BEST in a tribe.  We rarely thrive alone.  Our community slogan has always been "alone we can change a neighborhood, but together we can change the world."  This isn't just an empty motto.  If you’re a light worker answering the cosmic call, you will be pulled to connect with a community and to gravitate to others who feel the same call and cause.   This is because you often feel like you don’t fit in with everyday people. You might find other lightworkers living in a community where you can work through your journey with those who have similar interests and views. These communities can sometimes exist in the physical world, but it’s also possible to find them in online places and spaces as well. Once you find your community, these are your people.  Often, you'll stay connected to that community for years and these people become part of your soul family - working together to change the world in wonderful ways.

Lightworkers have a Close Bond to Nature

Lightworkers believe that all life forms are sacred, and ought to be respected and revered.  A true light worker, empath or healer would never willingly harm another living creature, and more often than not, we pride ourselves on having a close bond with animals and nature. As a matter of fact,  many lightworkers believe we have an open communication channel with animals, both living and in spirit.  It's no surprise, that light workers are often animated with a deep commitment to the natural environment, encouraging ethical living, and even tirelessly advocating for  the core idea that humans and other living creatures can live peacefully on this planet together.

Lightworkers Spreads Positivity

Like the name suggests, lightworkers are full of light, and they usually spread this light wherever they go. Many do this without even realizing it. Since positive energy is more powerful than negative energy, being around a lightworker is like being around a purifier. If you’re at a party and you feel like people come to you because you’re full of positivity and offer peaceful feelings, this is a sign you might be a lightworker.

Lightworkers are Sensitive to Surroundings

Another sign that you might be a lightworker is if you feel like you’re always sensitive to your surroundings. Although not all lightworkers are clairvoyant, some might be clairaudient, which means they pick up voices, music, and other sounds that the normal ear doesn’t hear. As a lightworker, you might have an interest in communicating with your guides. As you improve your sensitivity and learn how to channel, you’ll begin to hear your guide’s messages through meditation, reflective thinking, and similar practices.

Lightworkers Work to Heal Themselves

One key trait of lightworkers is that they’re healers. However, lightworkers also understand that you can’t start to heal others until you heal yourself. This is why, as a lightworker, you always need to work to heal your inner self. At the same time, you must recognize that healing is an ongoing process that’s never fully complete. With this in mind, you must work to move above your previous self and understand that harmony and acceptance is the only way forward.

If you have discovered that you are a lightworker through the above signs, celebrate. Being a lightworker is like a mission in life or calling. If you’re looking for traits that will help you determine what type of lightworker you are, keep reading.

Types of Lightworkers

While nearly all lightworkers attempt to bring healing and positivity into the world, you’ll find there are several different types. Learn more about the different types of lightworkers you might encounter in the world and how to recognize them by their unique traits.

The Healers

As the name suggests, healers want to help everything — the planet, other people, animals, and souls — by healing emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects. Many empaths are unrealized healers who need to use their emotional abilities for healing. If you’re a healer, you need to listen to your internal guide about the best way to use your gifts. You can also chat with a psychic online about how to use your techniques. Just don’t forget to heal yourself first before you support others.

The Gridworkers and Gatekeepers

Gridworkers are lightworkers who work with the grids on Gaia. These grids can include the human heart grid that connects all people, grids and lay lines on the Earth that connect sacred sites, and higher energetic grids. If you become a more practiced gridworker, you can move on to become a gatekeeper. Gatekeeping is a more advanced form of gridwork. When you’re a gatekeeper, you work with a team to open interdimensional gates and let more light and love into the world.

The Seers

Seers are lightworkers who have opened the third eye to see beyond the physical. As a seer, you’ll work to empower, inspire, and guide others toward their truth. Sometimes you may need to focus your energy on where it’s needed, such as for healing or release. Seers often make good truth activists or parapsychologists. As a seer lightworker, you might find a psychic phone reading will help you focus on your ability and lead you to the path where you can do the most good.

The Messengers

Messengers receive communication and direction from ascended masters, guides, and the higher self. These lightworkers then pass along these messages through writings, videos, and teachings. No matter the platform used, messengers serve humanity by offering powerful insight and guidance. If you feel as though you’re a messenger, you’ll want to help people through the journey of guidance from higher spirits. You’ll need to be able to clearly communicate to people what’s happening and what messages you’re receiving.

The Newly Awakened

If you’re a newly awakened lightworker, you’ve had an experience or life event that has opened your eyes to this gift. Once you become newly awakened, it’s hard to close your eyes and ignore what you see and feel. You might begin to think life will never be the same again once you start to experience lightworker awakening symptoms. While it’s true your life will be different, this change isn’t always bad. In fact, you might feel like jumping into the life of a lightworker right away and doing whatever you can to answer the call within you.

There are several types of lightworkers in the world. If you feel like you’re a lightworker, you might recognize some of these traits and be able to tell which kind you are.

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Some key takeaways to consider:

  1. Lightworkers are almost always on the sensitive side.  It's common for light workers to struggle with feelings of overwhelm, too.  We feel sadness and anguish for the suffering, malaise and maladies of the world around us.
  2. Light workers tend to choose professions where our empathetic nature can be used to assist those in need, like social work, nursing, care giving, psychic mediumship & spirit readings, healing, animal care, activism, pro bono service work,  rehabilitation, helping/healing and spiritual mentoring, religious organizations (even in a supporting role) research, teaching, life coaching and the creative/expressive arts.

Lightworkers are often fiercely independent.  We are driven by a strong inner compass and a guidance that emanates from a deep sense of service.

So.....How do you know if you are a lightworker?

If you've read this's a pretty good bet, you are!  But if you're unsure, or are interested in elevating, expanding or further developing your gift, we invite you to come connect with our community and find out how much more you're capable of.  

Alone we can change a neighborhood.  But together, we can change the world.  Join us!

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