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Empaths  move through the world in a very unusual way. We can be chameleons in both function, and form. Sometimes we may seem to be invisible to others – navigating space with serenity and a smile. Other times we are impossible to miss, stepping up, standing out and standing up for those who need a voice, need a hand or merely need our help. We didn’t choose this path.  We feel in our bones….that it chose us” Angela li
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  1. You have a deep, intuitive sense of "Knowing": Empaths feel things that most folks don't.  We know things before we're told.  We "see" things that are invisible to others.  We have a deep connection to our intuitive senses that transcends simple gut feelings or instinct alone.
  2. You abhor violence in movies, on TV or obviously in real life.  Why?  Because you take on the pain of the victim.  Even if you're watching a fictional portrayal of violence, you feel a sense of dis-ease seeing others in pain.
  3. Crowds, cramp your comfort.  You don't like big public gatherings, and often feel overwhelmed with the energies and emotions of other humans (and non humans!) sharing your space.
  4. You absorb energy.  All empaths are sponges, and taking on the emotional energy of others, is a huge trigger (and trait) that shows you are an empath.  Feeling others emotions and taking them on as your own.
  5. You may sense negativity, even in thought form....from a great distance away.  Negative people, especially those whose lives intersect or intertwine with your own, affect you in ways that others find easy to overlook.  You can sense negative thought patterns, even unspoken ones.  And if directed at you, it's painful....and a problem.
  6. You are a human lie detector!  People know better than to lie around you.  You see through bullshit and deceit better than the best law enforcement agents on TV :)  If someone is not forthright, you feel it - and often before anyone else.
  7. You are a savior with an eye for the underdog.  Many empaths have a much easier time standing up, or speaking up for others, than we do for ourselves.  Your activism is almost always aimed at helping others, or serving those who are struggling.  (even if you struggle to speak up for yourself on other occasions) Healer empaths are often animated by action, and we find our voice, and our purpose, in the service of stepping up and serving those who can't help themselves.  If this is you.....don't stop doing what you do!
  8. You absorb physical discomfort, pain and illness from others in your orbit.  Any ailments or symptoms that others close to you experience, inevitably, will land in your lap as well.
  9. You may develop physical pain around the energy centers of the body.  Empaths are carriers, and energy is heavy.  If you suffer from perpetual back, leg, hip and neck problems, it's often an energetic imbalance that arises from holding on to the pain (and problems) of others in your orbit...and manifesting (or absorbing) their issues as your own.
  10. You are the sounding board for all.  People find it easy to talk to you, and will spontaneously (sometimes) data dump all of their issues on you.  Strangers, friends, family, co-workers and others are attracted to your empathetic nature, and seek solace (and release) from sharing (sometimes OVER-SHARING :) their challenges with you.
  11. Creativity is important to you.  Self expression is a deep need.  (even if you don't love to talk, or share with others, getting stuff "out" into the world through art, writing, journaling, music or other forms of expression is something that is key to your sanity, and sense of power and peace.  
  1. You are insatiably curious.  You wonder about the world.  Your curiosity is rooted in a deep sense of appreciation of the natural world around us all.  You feel the magic, embrace the mystery and seek out meaning where others often don't see (or feel) anything at all.
  2. You prioritize spiritual growth.  Learning and growing is inspiring to you, and you find metaphysical topics particularly stimulating and exciting.  
  3. You seek solitude and safety.  Your are a "nester" and creating a safe home space is key for your mental health.  You recharge batteries often, by being alone, or taking a break from close friends, family and loved ones alike.
  4. You have a particular love of animals and pets.  Empaths are often some of the most strident animal activists.  (part of the savior personality type, and the appeal of the underdog as well)
  5. You are more attracted to purpose, than profit in work, career and livelihood.  
  6. You get bored very, very easy.  An empath needs to be stimulated.  Boredom, or repetition is often anathema for empaths, and other sensitive the sense of being bored or disinterested can be much higher and uncomfortable for us.
  7. You are spontaneous, and sometimes to a fault. Sometimes, you'll suffer from a LACK of planning, or suffer the downside of  being a disorganized free spirit.    Routine is not exciting to you.  Adventure, even if it's merely INNER adventure, is your passion, and you express it with often.
  8. Deep listening is your gift.  You listen with your fully body....and down to your bones.  You pay attention, fully, completely and without reservation, when in the company of a loved one in crisis.  You connect with conversation in a way that makes you the preferred confidante for friends, family and even strangers who need a helping hand.   It goes without saying, empaths make the best listeners, and as a result, we can be "the best friend" to many in our orbit.
  9. You experience psychometry on a regular basis, and dress, decorate and style yourself (and your spaces) accordingly.  Psychometry is picking up the energy (or emotions) from objects and you don't like hand me downs....whether that's clothes, home decor, furniture or otherwise, unless you know (and love) the previous owners.
  10. Narcissism is something you have no tolerance for.  The opposite of a true empath is a text book narcissist.  If you spot one in your close company, you will NOT make fast friends.  (note...the irony is, many ONLINE (or public) empaths are actually narcissists in disguise.  They play the role for profit or public fame....but in reality, are some of the most self absorbed A$$holes in the world)
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Even MORE empath personality traits, types and signs you're an introspective empath or spiritually sensitive person?  

Here are some of the suggestions/additions submitted by our readers and subscribers to describe their own experience of being an empath.  If you'd like to share yours, join our tribe here, and share your own signs/traits and inner experiences!  #vibewithourtribe

  1. Many empaths have a phobia/or strong fear around being trapped in un-natural places and spaces. While we may like and enjoy the energy of cities and urban areas, these can be unsettling, and often traumatic places to live for sensitive people.   As we've already described, loud noises can trigger an empaths startle response and create high levels of anxiety.  In addition,  iron, steel and concrete are the quintessential NON living things....and being surrounded by this sort of atmosphere can play tricks on our system.  (and often lead to depression, disconnect and sense of being lost)  Nature, as always, is an almost instant cure...and in my own life, I find leaving the city and heading back to nature is the quickest way to re-charge, rejuvenate and re-connect with my authentic self.
  2. You may APPEAR to be standoffish to others.  It's just your way.  And anyone who comes to know you well, will understand that, and eventually appreciate it's part of your gift.
  3. Intimacy can feel like the enemy.  You have a lot of love to give, but sometimes feels overwhelmed by intimacy.  Closeness, even that which you crave, can lead to uncomfortable feelings, too.
  4. Big personalities are a turn off.  You connect with people who are more down to earth, understated and a bit more even keel.  The obnoxious, larger than life, center of attention personality type is not the sort of friend a natural empath gravitates to....although, be careful - they often gravitate to us!
  5. Sensory overload is often a multi-sensory experience.  How?  Smells (like a perfume or fragrance) in combination with a sound (most notably unexpected sounds that intrude on your sense of safety and well being) and physical sensations are bleed and blend into an experience that can feel overwhelming.  
  6. Like #24 above, empaths, and sensitive people have a much lower startle response threshold.  You may feel anxious, panicked or even "racy" when surprised by a knock at a door, or an unexpected visitor in your space.  (many empaths report being easily startled by housemates, family members and even spouses who appear in a room or hallway without announcing themselves in advance.
  7. You struggle to fit in, or to feel accepted by peers.  Many empaths feel a deep sense of disappointment in how we are treated by our friends, family and professional peers.  Why?  Because we tend to give our "all" to others who need our help - whether that be  to share a problem,  a shoulder to cry on, or someone to emote to, or empathize with, and yet....when the tables are turned, we don't feel we get the same level of connection, and commitment in return.  This can lead to many empaths feeling cynical about socializing, and can lead to deeper levels of isolation and even a persistent state of feeling low grade lonely.
  8. You are a malignant narcissist's sworn enemy.   Why?  Because manipulative people can often show up as the most empathetic and even charming.....but it's a toxic sort of empathy.  (the kind that is designed to take advantage or gain the trust of the person who is in the crosshairs of the narcissist's attention or crosshairs) A real empath has the tools and self awareness to see through this, and senses a deep duplicity and a double cross on the drop.   In some sense, you see through the facade and can serve to protect others who would otherwise be in harms way from a self centered, manipulative or on occasion.....a deeply disturbed personality type.

If more than half of the above is YOU - you are most certainly on the empathic personality spectrum.  Discovering this about yourself is not only amazingly freeing, it's the first step to seizing your gift and living the life you'll love.

The two most important days of your life are the day you are born, and the day you discover why. - Mark Twain

The Day You Fell in Love:  How Empaths Can Fall Back in Love with the World (and our Lives)

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”-Dalai Lama XIV

I have a friend I call Melvin.I don’t know his real name, but Melvin seems to fit.

He wears a name tag, but I’ve never got close enough to read it.

Melvin works at the Publix supermarket in West Palm Beach, a few blocks from where I used to live.

I’ve loved Melvin a little bit everyday, for more months than I can count.

I’ve seen him hug grandchildren he may not have.

And love a soulmate he may never have known.

I’ve seen him Happy and Healthy.Smiling and serene.

Fearless and freeI’ve shared all of these magical moments with Melvin in my minds eye, and yet we’ve never really met.

This is the magic of Metta, a timeless technique for connecting with compassion.

A loving kindness of a type and stripe so strong, that it could probably save the world.(It certainly has saved me)Of course it takes no great guru to learn this

Pick someone.

And love them.

Start with someone you already love.

It’s easy.

See them smile.

See yourself smile too.

Picture their face a slender arms reach away.

Imagine a ray of loving light moving from your heart to theirs

Bask in that feeling

Hold the gold

And soak it in.

Now pick a stranger.

Someone you see everyday if you can, maybe the guy at the gas station – or maybe the girl at the cleaner down the street.

Maybe the doorman in that building you pass on your way to work and nod to as you pass.

(just stay the hell away from Melvin – he’s taken ;-)

Now see them smile.

And meet theirs with your own.

Imagine that they are warm, safe and loved.

Send them love.

Say it out loud.

“May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you be free.
May you be loved”

Just repeat that phrase in your mind while you picture their smiling face

Breathe in that feeling – breath out and smile.

This is a transformative practice.

It will make you a happier, healthier and if you are like me – a better person to boot.

This is a practice that dissolves differences and destroys divides.

It well make you see strangers differently – to feel curious – and connected – in a way that nothing else I’ve ever done has

And curiosity cultivates compassion.

When you are interested, intimacy is only a small step away.

The more curious we become the more we care about the faces and spaces we otherwise ignore everyday.

Of course the real challenge, the hard practice, the one the Buddha taught leads to the true freedom in this life, (and the next, if you believe that sort of thing ) is the act of extending the power of this practice to enemies and adversaries.

And ultimately to all sentient beings everywhere.

I’m not quite there yet .

But I must confess:Loving people in this way is like the ultimate guilty pleasure.

It feels really good.

It feels like a simple self help secret that pays rich rewards for all the right reasons.

The irony of this practice is that the more you love other people for no reason at all, the more life feels like and act of love.

And the more you love yourself as well.

And it changes your brain, it re-wires in some sort of magical metta that is always there – waiting to widen it’s wings and smile at strangers near and far.

Google it – I’m not joking.

Self directed neuroplasticity is that new age nonsensical idea that turns out to be true.

You can literally think your way to a better looking brain.

And you always get to choose what to think.

So choose to think about this.

Melvin and I had a moment not long ago.

I was walking through Produce when it happened.

We made eye contact.

I gave him a little nod and maybe a self conscious smile

He nodded back and gave me a Matt Mcconaughey “All Right, All Right, All Right”

And suddenly everything was alright in the world.

It was everything I imagined and moreIt made my month

Of course I thought about telling him…..”Hey……you aren’t going to believe this, my name is Ian and I’ve loved you since last February when you were working in Seafood”

But I realize he probably would have called security before I could really explain.

And considering I had a half eaten bag of bulk food granola in my cart that i had no intention of paying for, I thought that was a bad idea.

I used to laugh at the bumper sticker – “There are no strangers, only friends i haven’t met yet.”

That sort of word salad of new age nonsense felt like the wonky words of someone who had some sort of scam or spammy silliness to sell.

And considering I’ve done the Ginsu knives – the Skin Care, the knock off cologne – the Timeshares and Tupperware…..With my guard always up – I wasn’t buying again.

But it really can be true.

If there is such a thing as the ultimate disruptive innovation – that technological discovery that promises to shake up the world, it ain’t gonna be found in the Tesla, or the concierge car on demand or that magic app only an aha moment and one silicon valley savant away.

It’s right here.

And just this. Kindness without a cause. Writ large .

That’s what will change our world in wild, weird and wonderful ways.

And man do we need it.

More, now than ever before.

There are more than enough Melvin’s to practice on.

After all, to a perfect stranger, we’re all Melvin.

In a world of selfies and superficiality and far too many Kardashians to count, this is the one New Years resolution I’m committed to keep.

And if I’m lucky and you’ve read this far, so too will You.

"Wisdom tells me I am nothing.  Love tells me I am everything.  And between the two my life flows".- Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Career opportunities for Light-Workers, Empaths, Healers and Spiritual Seekers:

In our experience running a number of communities in the mindfulness, personal growth, mental health and spiritual development "niches" and spaces, there is an incredibly important demand for purpose driven professionals who want to step up, stand out and do meaningful work in the helping/healing and transformational spaces.

There has truly never been a better time to "find your thing" and do work that you love, in the spirit, and service of helping others wake up.

  1. Inspirational author.  Regardless of where you've been, what you've seen, what you've touched or tasted on your own unique path to the present moment.....there are thousands of people who would not only to love to hear your story, but more importantly, can benefit from your words, wisdom and even the pain you've encountered on the path. Make your Mess, your Message is one of our mantras for our own clients and community, and there is no better way to heal yourself, and help others, than writing a book about your life.  (note - if you're interested in writing an inspirational book - reach out to me directly ( or via Twitter (@ianhollander) and we'll send you an invite to our next inspirational authors community course/community cohort, opening in mid August, 2021.
  2. Transformational teacher.   Our motto here is, teach what you know, do what you love, wake up the world with your work.  If you can teach, preach or share your words, wisdom and inspiration in a course format, you can truly not only build a thriving brand and business as an enlightened entrepreneur, but you can truly do it from anywhere in the world you want.  
  3. The online education industry is exploding, and a large percentage of the most popular classes, courses, cohorts and instructors are teaching in the self help, personal growth, spiritual development, self care/compassion and overall happiness/wellness spaces.  If you are someone who naturally wants to empower, uplift and inspire others, there is no better way than to teach a course, or lead a small cohort/community of students on a path to their own transformation.  
  4. We've taught over 50 courses over the last few years to countless students - and it's one of the most rewarding, exciting and meaningful ways to share your own ethos, experience and expertise with others who need what you know.  (or who could benefit from your experience or expertise)  Also note - we're ALWAYS looking for new teachers/trainers and course creators for our own mindfulness based community.  
  5. If you have an idea about a course you'd like to create for us  (or simply need help with your own) send us an email ( and tell us how we can help!
  6. Of course, life coaching, personal growth coaching, or simply working with other people to help them navigate the wild, weird and often challenging new world we find ourselves in these one of the biggest opportunities for helpers/healers/empaths and passionate people who are genuinely interested in elevating and inspiring others.  

There are many, many ways you can use your own gifts, and your own experiences, regardless of degrees/certifications, to help heal the collective calamity that IS our current culture as a species :)  

If people are your passion, and growth is your personal mantra and mission, this is your calling to step UP, stand out and start doing something about it.  The world (and rest of us) are waiting.

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