What triggers an empath?  Do all empaths, healers and HSP's find the same things annoying, offputting or overwhelming?

The truth is, there are many things that most sensitive people find hard to handle.  For example:

  1. Loud, abrupt or un-natural sounds or smells.  (often things found in urban or cityscapes - another reason why almost all empaths, need nature to re-charge)
  2. Inauthentic people who are fake, insincere, or don't show up at important moments.  (an empath strength is friendship and support, so we FEEL this sort of betrayal down to our bones)
  3. Small talk with shallow, vacuous people or places.  Most genuine empaths don't love to be in strange places, making small talk about insignificant matters - we prefer to talk about big ideas (or weird ones!) with smaller groups, in more intimate settings.
  4. Needless arguing, debate or infighting amongst our inner circle.
  5. Lying and deceit.  (hint....most HSP's are human lie detectors - don't try us! :)
  6. We feel cramped by crowds.  (another reason why city dwelling empaths and HSP's, often retreat to natural places and spaces far more often than other urbanites)
  7. Head centered humans who have no "heart."  Empaths feel the world. Hyper rationalists, or overly intellectual types think about much, but often feel very little. These are often the worst sorts of company for an HSP - and if you're spending too much time with THINKERS, rather than feelers, it's a good time to find a community of other empaths to vibe with, at least once in a while.

How about some common MYTHS and misconceptions about highly sensitive people?

  1. MYTH:  Highly sensitive people are easily triggered, rash, irrational and subject to wild, whimsical mood swings when we don't get our way.  (hint....real HSP's are far more likely to be HIGLY rational, keenly observant, and able to calmly and cooly collect ourselves in a crisis)
  2. MYTH:  HSP's are self centered and egotistical.  (Actually, once again, it's the opposite.  If anything, highly sensitive people can be blamed for caring TOO much, about just about everything other than ourselves.  (people, pets, the planet...it matters not, if we can feel it's energy, we are sensitive to it's suffering, and it's needs)
  3. MYTH:  Highly sensitive people use their "status" as HSP's to act superior to other people, and make wild claims about our "gifts."  While this CAN be true about some HSP personality types (empaths, for example, are categorized as HSP's and many will make wild, unsubstantiated claims about our spiritual status) most HSP's are kind, considerate, humble, and acutely aware of ourselves, and others in our orbit.  

Think you're an HSP?  Join our brand new community of highly sensitive people, empaths and other "feeling" personality types and learn how to not only survive as an HSP, but to completely THRIVE as well!  Join us!

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