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download the workbook, here

Everybody experiences strong emotions.  Difficult emotions.  Complicated emotions.  And even confusing emotions we don't always know what to do with, when they show up in our minds (and lives)

Empaths survival guide (workbook)

But empaths, or people on the intuitive/introspective personality spectrum, often feel these emotions far more deeply, and occasionally,  far more destructively than most.   (and certainly, for many in our community, in a much more multi-sensory way as well)

We've put together a list of strong emotions that many empaths feel trigger all sorts of experiences, and then....a simple workshop for helping you navigate through the powerful, overwhelming sensations that often accompany them.  (using mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy and other forms of reality testing, most of us are able to turn these strong emotions into our strongest allies, rather than the lead balloons that lead so many others to sink, self criticize or self destruct)