Build a new community featuring inspiring art from "enlightened" artists and entrepreneurs - those creating art around mental health, mindfulness, expanded awareness, meditation, psychedelics and the wild, weird and wonderful world that lives outside of the box most people find themselves buried beneath :)

For #NFTartists and entrepreneurs:

We want to feature you and your work. (to include of course your art - but equally as important, your story and your experiences as an artist, entrepreneur, seeker and explorer.

Like most things I think up at 2am  - this idea is in the experimental/incubation and seeking interest stage :)

But - once live, you'll be able to create an author profile on our community, share links to your work, embed your NFT's, get commissioned for new projects, share ideas, interact with other artists, as well as getting exposed to all sorts of cool and creative techniques for expanding your awareness through mindfulness, meditation, and mental health tools (artistic and otherwise)

We'll be publishing a whole series of bingeable books, an exclusive audio series and tiny courses and content with contributions, quotes, ideas and inspiration from the artists (and entrepreneurs) in the community. If you've ever wanted to be a published author, this will be a great first step to introducing your art, ideas, work and words to the world in a published book....without having to write a whole thing yourself.

And more, of well! Have ideas you'd like to share? Want to join us? Send an email ( with NFT Community in the subject line - or simply say hi to me on Twitter (ianhollander) to connect!

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