Ian - write this out and make it a download!  (so that your email outreach audience can read it in a real way)
A tiny revolution  (tiny.  A manfesto) on Amazon
  1. turn your book into an audio course
  2. short, bingeable, listen on the go - sell more books - make more money - expand your brand - and create more expertise
  3. we'll promote you on our platorm
  4. Q and A book (this is our secret sauce - can be the next book \for the current one)
  5. Q and A course - 10 questions about x......you
  6. worksheet (we provide)
  7. short 7taps card deck course (iudeal for social media)
  8. membership site on Ghost (we can even turn this into a course using Answerthepublic)
  9. Gummy search
  10. ARIST course
  11. newsletter (using something like Flodesk or Revue as a service)
  12. bingeable books
  13. refer madness (we'll turn your audience into evangelists fo ryour book, your blog, your brand and your business)