1. watch the video 2. Download the worksheet 3. Reach out for help!

Build a product powered, cohort based community + digital media brand in the next 10 weeks.  (one of the week #1 worksheets that many find clarifying, and helpful)

If you've long put off building something meaningful, profitable and that you're truly proud of, starting with a product orientation will completely change the calculus of your community.  (and the ease with which you'll build it)

And if you're simply starting out from scratch as a solopreneur - an author, artist, maker, creator,  or inspirational entrepreneur, publishing products is the absolute most fun (and most profitable) path as well.

If either of the above sounds like you - I'd love to help you change the world with your work, starting on Feb 28th. Here is a an audio introduction to our new 10 week coaching program.

Teach what you know.  Do what you love.  Wake up the world with your work.  Join us!


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