Would you like to create tiny products for a living in 2022?  

We are working on a brand new experimental idea that I'm super stoked about - a membership driven, NFT powered community platform for authors, artists, tiny creators and inspirational entrepreneurs.  

I'm looking for an initial group of 20 people who not only want to create and sell tiny products that make a big impact in 2022....but who are willing to commit to creating a minimum of 1 tiny product per month, and would like to work with me directly, and our publishing platform to get your inspired ideas out into the world.

Our brand new multi-author, community marketplace & membership site full of tiny products of all kinds - digital downloads, audio files, micro courses, private podcasts, art, ebooks, NFT's and much more.  

It will be live on March 15th, and I'd love for you to join us.

Working together by phone, email and in a private cohort of tiny creators - each month, we'll create a new tiny product that builds your brand, your business and if all goes as planned, your bank account to boot :)

There has truly never been a more inspiring and empowering time to be a creative entrepreneur.

And tiny creators are changing the world in wild, weird and wonderful new ways....each and every day.

I'm excited to be part of the tiny revolution.

And I'm super excited about working with the authors, artists and inspirational entrepreneurs in our community to create products that change our lives as creators, and change the world for the better, to boot.

If you'd like to be part of the beta (available on March 15th and open to 25 people only) - simply respond by email (mindfulmarketplace@gmail.com) or on Twitter (@ianhollander)  with a little bit about yourself, and your goals, and i'll share more details.  

Teach what you know.  Do what you love.  Wake up the world with your work,.  Join us!


PS - We're hoping to leverage the power of  NFT's and WEB3 style features to empower independent authors, artists and entrepreneurs working in the mindfulness, mental health and personal growth spaces to make a big impact while changing the world (and our lives) in the process.    

Is it a wonky idea?

Maybe.....but I am excited to create, innovate and experiment with other creators, and do crazy cool things together.

PPS - here is a short video I recorded earlier today on a simple tiny product workflow that you can use to create your first product in about an hour, using your phone as a content creation studio.    

I'll be sharing many workflows like this one over the coming months - both in public, and in our private community.


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