There is something magical about space and distance.

A clearing of the canvas.

My best thoughts – the ones that make the most difference in my life – are rarely the byproduct of thought.

The A-ha moments. Epiphanies. Inspirational insights.

They rarely arise from thinking hard.

They are, instead – the fruits of flow, and letting go.
Within space – a clearing – is where clarity calls home.
Our lives of course, are rarely spacious.

There is a great metaphor I learned years ago, when I first began to meditate.

A yogi I once knew, told me – to imagine my mind is like a brand new, blank TV screen.  

No power. No plug.
Clear, clean, beautiful and bright.

Peaceful. And proud.
You can stare at the screen for a while. And feel the Peace.
This is our nature.


Powerful.  Clear and willing to play any channel you choose.
And yet, when you turn on the TV, that canvas changes.

There is motion.  And commotion.

Conflict.  And Chaos.

If you grab the remote, and rapidly change the channels, that confusion only increases.

The pace picks up. The screen a streaming sea of stuff.   If you play with the volume, the sounds get chaotic and confusing.  

The clarity – there a moment ago – is now but a memory.  

The screen has become a see of stress - and an ocean of overwhelm.

It's easy to get swept up in the whirlwind and find yourself sailing, flailing and unsure where to anchor yourself - or find a soft space to land.

And yet, underneath it all, if you think about it - nothing has changed.

The screen itself remains perfectly pure.  Unblemished or unbruised by the images dancing and prancing across it's face.

You can always unplug.    Or turn it off.

Once again.

The screen is serene.  It's the perfect picture of presence.

It isn’t stained or sullied by the storm of shadow and light that were moments ago, synonymous with the screen.

Underneath the noise, the moving pictures and the changing channels of fleeing scenes -

It remains, as it always has.

Peaceful.  Present.  Bright.  Beautiful.  Clear.  Calm.

And underneath it all, so too are you.

If you're willing to actually look at your life.

And see yourself as both the projector, and the screen - there is a shift.

In space.



Teach what you know.  Do what you love.  Wake up the world with your work.