Savor the taste of a favorite fruit.  Become a connoisseur of the experience.  How much different does your favorite fruit taste when you offer it your undivided attention?  

How "into it" can you get?  

How much more do you notice, when the full spotlight of your attention is absorbed in the experience?

A journaling exercise for eating mindfully.

Download a short, 2 page mindful eating journal below.

Instructions - pick a favorite fruit.  For 60 seconds, absorb yourself in the experience.  Offer the fruit (or food) your undivided attention for a minute.

Notice the difference in the taste, texture and tempo when you really get "into" the experience of paying complete attention to a simple activity most of us do mindlessly, each and every day.

Use the one page practice notes to detail and describe the experience of eating mindfully, if only for a moment.