Q:  Why do empaths, and highly sensitive people thrive in nature?  

Is there something unique about natural environments that allows an empath to truly feel at home?  Or is it just that we prefer to be away from crowds, conflict and the chaotic energy of more urban or heavily populated areas?

A:  The truth is, there are many reasons why empaths do better in natural places and spaces, some obvious and some a little bit more complicated.  

But at bottom, the most compelling reason why empaths thrive in nature is directly related to the way your body and brain is WIRED as a highly sensitive people.  Empaths pick up the emotional energy of all living systems.  In an urban or city atmosphere, this is akin to being bombarded by all sorts of systems - dynamic living systems (other humans and animals) as well as static systems (buildings, concrete and steel)  

A highly sensitive empath, in a natural space, will be tuning in, and picking up ONLY natural energy, from living systems, that are inherently peaceful.  (the natural resources that are found in any outdoor ecosystem)

This is quite soothing for an empath.  It also allows us to fine tune what we are sensing, in every moment, without the background "noise" that emanates from urban, or heavily populated cityscapes.  

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