Remember, this is a practice.    Each one of the techniques in the workbook below are practiced over time.....and offer compounding benefits.

Each time you cultivate more self compassion, a gentler tone of voice with yourself and you treat yourself with the kind of kindness that you are strengthening your self care muscle.  Each "rep" is like a bicep curl for your brain and body.  Over time, you will re-wire and replace old habitual patterns of negativity, and self criticism with new patterns of self love and acceptance.

This is truly the magic of mindfulness, and the practice of self compassion.  You'll never be perfect.  And perfection, is never even on the menu.  You get better by returning to the practice each time you fail to treat to yourself the way that you deserve.  It's the ultimate mindfulness "alarm" that brings you back to your body with self love, care and compassion....every time you notice that you've been stuck in your skull

Download the whole series of workbooks, here!
download the entire workbook, here.