"If you look at zero, you see nothing;  But look through it and see the world"  -  Robert Kaplan

A conversation I had with someone yesterday reminded me of this quote.  A very nice woman, who has been part of our community email list for years - and who has really ambitious career goals - but who has accomplished, in her own words - "Zero."

We spoke for the first time about 9 or 10 months ago, when her job in tourism and travel was shuttered during Covid.  Her dream has always been to be a writer, teacher and "healer" in the spiritual services and energy healing space.

We made a big, bold and audacious plan for her new blog, brand and business on that first call - and other than a few emails in between, haven't been in touch since.

When I asked her what she's gotten done - from that initial list of "to-do's" we created together  - her answer to every question was an empathic - "zero!" :)

Framed in one way - her way - that  feels disempowering.  Confidence shattering.  And potentially dream killing.  After all, as she reminded me often - she's getting close to retirement age, and every week, month or year that passes without taking a step in the direction of her dreams, feels crushing and cruel.

But framed through another, that very same "zero" is a window through which to see the world.

Zero, in that context and through that perspective, is really the entirety of everything that matters - an aperture that frames and focuses where your gaze  ought to go.

A reminder of the everything that awaits on the other side of the nothing that hasn't happened yet - is everything that awaits - when you you fully commit to being fully you - and following your dreams, in the service of something bigger, bolder and beyond our small selves.

If you have big goals - a big dream - but have struggled to start - don't beat yourself up.  Just start now.

You'll soon see the window, where once there was only a wall.

Teach what you know.  Do what you love.  Wake up the world with your work.



PS - if you'd like to talk by phone, my cell # is 302-547-0578.   Just let me know when a good time to chat about what it is that you'd like to accomplish - and i'm happy to see if we can help.

Alone we can change a neighborhood.  But together we can change the world.