If you're feeling stuck in a rut, anxious, overwhelmed, or simply sick of being frozen in place (in your life, work, career, or even (especially if!) you're feeling a low grade sense of malaise or dread about our collective future as a species.....I can't recommend Jane McGonigal's new book (called IMAGINABLE) highly enough.

I loved this book, and the central ideas behind it so much that I created a workbook for our own small team to use as part of a weekly community building exercise - and the shared insights, epiphanies, A-ha moments and eureka moments have been incredible and truly inspiring.  

(i'm going to be sending you a copy of the workbook in early April as well - and if the interest is high enough - I may do a small community cohort with those of you who'd like to play with these ideas in a more engaged, and interactive way)

Jane's core thesis is an incredibly optimistic one.  But it's also highly rational, evidence based and incredibly inspiring.  

I loved it - and think you will too.  Check out her website for tons of free, actionable strategies for cultivating URGENT optimism in just about any area of your life that you'd like to improve.

Teach what you know.  Do what you love.  Wake up the world with your work.  Join us!



PS - as many of you already know, i'm part of a small team of authors and entrepreneurs in the mindfulness/mental health space building a new book brand.  

Our focus is on TINY books that make BIG impact in the lives of kids/teens and adults struggling with mental health challenges.

If you are a writer, a teacher or an entrepreneur with a passion for helping kids/teens, and write/publish content or are building a community around mindfulness, compassion, mental health or personal growth, reach out to me (mindfulmarketplace@gmail.com) and say hi to learn a bit more about what we're up t

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