"THIS is the moment - and THIS is only thing you know.  There is no story to spin.  No future to fabricate.  No past to ponder.  It's only NOW, and it's only here that the life you live is found. There is an amazing awakening that comes with that recognition.  It's hard to describe - and easy to trivialize - but it's not trivial.  Something shifts when you realize - in this, long beautiful moment - I'm alive - I am full - I am complete - a broken body - no matter how worn, weathered, withered or wanting - this moment - is indeed perfect as it is" - Ian Hollander

Join our next mindfulness practice 30 community cohort for mental health professionals, therapists, teachers, and the curious but not yet convinced :)  Starts on September 16th - leave a comment, or email mindfulmarketplace@gmail.com for details.