Dharma. Your personal role in the evolution of the universe.

Kriya. Frictionless flow. Effortless action.

This is the work you do in the service of making the world a better place. It changes moment to moment, and is 100% unique to you.

Karma. An action that binds you to an outcome.

Karma can be thought of as the culmination of your life choices, moment by moment, and how the circumstances of your situation are molded and shaped by each decision you make.

When you are living your dharma, your action is kriya.

This is what the universe is doing through you, moment by moment, in the service of the greatest good.

When you are NOT doing kriya, you are NOT living your dharma.

This means, choosing to show up in the world from a place of anti- dharma, or activity that is NOT in service of the evolution of either yourself, or the universe at large.

ADHARMA is the life you live when you deviate from your path.  (NOT your Dharma/true life path)

Not dharma means you are experiencing the consequences of karma.

Remember, these are actions that bind you to specific circumstances that are less than ideal for YOU, and do not aid in effortless action, or in the advancement of the universe towards a greater good)

In the following lessons, we're going to cover some simple, fun and practical thought experiments that will lead you BACK to true self, and back to your unique personal role in the evolution of the universe in every moment.

If you feel stuck, or unsure what your true purpose is, regardless of where you may be right now, or where you've been in the past, you'll have a brand new framework, for living your best life in the next few , starting today.

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