"bless the thing that
that broke you down
and cracked you
because the world
needs you open"
- Rebeccca Campbell

A few days ago, we did a pretty extraordinary exercise in our community forum.  

We explored the idea that the things that make us feel the most frail - the most fragile - the experiences that scarred and scared us the most - are actually the lessons that we most need to teach, preach and share with others.

And that you can't fully heal yourself, until you can help someone else overcome (or avoid) the same pain.

Last week (or thereabouts, my weeks sort of blend together these days :) I sent you an email about making your "mess" your message.

That teaching from the scar (and not the wound) is the best way to make sure your own hurts heal.

One of the great, unadvertised truths about the "helping, healing and spiritual growth" leadership spaces is, we teach, what we most need to learn.

You tap into a wider, wonderful world of wisdom when you seek to help others transmute their pain into power - and leading from the crucible of your own imperfect experience.

In about 10 days - we'll be starting up our next 52 week community cohort for those of you who want to do helping, healing and transformative work in the world.

It's not for everyone.  You have to commit - contribute - and be willing to be part of a growing, flowing and evolving community over the course of a year.

But if you want to join us - it will be a life changing experience, I promise.

We only have a few spaces remaining (each cohort is super small by design) - and if you'd like to learn more, simply respond to this email and I'm happy to send you the registration link.  It's not free - but it's super affordable - and when you join us during the pre-registration period, you'll save 50% of the cost of the entire year.

Teach what you know.  Do what you love.  Wake up the world with your work.  Join us :)


"The wound is the place where the light enters you" - Rumi